Ronar Sp.zo.o. is the only manufacturer of chain cutters in our country.

Our original technology and top quality materials provides our products with long life and allows them to maintain high process performance throughout their operation period.

We manufacture cutters with a size ranging from 6 mm to 20 mm.

The cutters are manufactured in sets as:

- three-row cutters

- five-row cutters

The offered sets consist of the following components:

1. chain cutter - symbol DNDB

2. stellar wheel - symbol DNDC

3. guide bar - symbol DNDD

Using chain cutters (also referred to as mortising chains) extends the woodworking process opportunities significantly, making it possible to carry out small channels, recesses, various profile seats that are impossible to carry out with traditional machine tools.

Steel used to make the cutters, precision, and properly selected thermal-chemical treatment as well as strength tests and checking all components at each manufacturing stage guarantee high operating quality of the tools.

We offer:

- top quality chain cutters

- services (sharpening and repairs) using original machine tools

- attractive terms of payment